Haul Road

Yesterday my father and I went to the Haul Road, which is just north of City Limits.

The haul road used to be utilized by logging trucks moving lumber up and down the coast–now it’s merely occupied by an assortment of assiduously jogging yuppies, bicyclists, tourist scum, equestrians, and, yesterday, us. A number of locals frequent the Haul, actually, because it’s ideal for ambling, dog walking, and cooling off in hot weather thanks to the consistent ocean breezes.

grass on the headlands

The Haul is technically a stretch of decaying blacktop, but there are various paths which go out onto the headlands, like this one. The parks department has let the grass get rather high here–it’s a bit of a fire hazard. It’s fun for short people like me though because we can disappear in the thick grasses.

As you can see, yesterday was rather beautiful, if one is into blue skies and painfully hot weather.

The haul road is how I wish the mill property could be, just open space upon which people can wander. I dislike this driving need for development, for land to be “useful” in some traditional sense. Can’t land just hang out and be a couch potato?

sandy beach

We clambered down onto the beach after awhile, and sat to look at the ocean. The surf was soothing, not too rough but exciting enough to be frothy and enticing. It was also starkly, brilliantly blue, swishing around between the rocks and playing with the seaweed.

That dark cloud on the horizon is just strands of fog, actually, not the forces of evil preparing to descend upon us.


On days like yesterday, the water looks so inviting, like slipping in and swimming would be pleasant. I know this for a fact not to be true, but sometimes it’s nice to dream.

It was a good day to be lazy on the beach, indeed.