birthday cake

This is my 400th post, and it also happens to be my year anniversary.

Precisely one year ago, I made my first post on this ain’t livin’, in its early and dot infested incarnation on blogspot. The site has certainly come a long way since then, from sporadic updates to daily ones, and through a variety of templates. It’s been a fun year, and I look forward to many more. It always saddens me to fall in love with a site which suddenly stops updating, and when I started this ain’t livin’ I made a promise to myself to do it for at least a year. Now I’m going to continue, because I’ve found myself oddly having fun, meeting new and interesting people, and discovering places I would never have found before.

My goal for the next year is to continue updating daily, and also to chronicle more adventures for you. I’d love to hear reader input on topics and places you’d like me to visit, as well. Reader participation always makes things more fun. We shall see where 2006 and 2007 take us, shall we? There will certainly be more parades, more Scrabble, more food, and more cat-blogging.

I have been going through older entries, thinking about the changes the site (and I as a person) have gone through in the last year. I note that my largest category is reflections, and many of my readers have said these are their favourite posts as well. I note that my most popular post is omnis animales post coitem triste sunt, an intriguing choice.

The next largest category, appropriately, is Fort Bragg, and I’m sure there will be many more Fort Bragg posts in the next year, as the city is changing faces very rapidly. This year may see a decision on the mill site, and a decision about whether or not I will continue to live here as a result.

“This Ain’t Livin'” is actually a song written by G. Love and the Special Sauce, and you’ve probably noticed the link to the lyrics in the sidebar. It’s a good song. If you haven’t heard it, you probably should. Something about the song captivates me, and reminds me a great deal of Fort Bragg, and my own life.

Sometimes I really feel like, yes, this ain’t livin’, and sometimes I say, no, this is livin’, and you should grab the moment by the testicles, bite into it, revel in everything around you, and live the life you want to live.

Relish life. It’s too fleeting for any other rational response.