Air Session

I had an air session recently, and having had some time to reflect upon it and feel some of the effects, I wanted to write about it.

Most of my readers probably don’t know what an air session is–it’s a type of polarity therapy session adapted specifically for those who tend to be neurotic, scattered, stressed, and impatient. This more or less describes me exactly.

What’s polarity therapy? It’s a Western adaptation of a core of Eastern medicine–that we have vital energy flows which can be easily and subtley affected. In the Ayurvedic tradition it’s known as Prana–in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it’s Xi (Qi, Chi, etc). Polarity therapy is designed to identify and relieve energy blocks, to even out the flow in your body. The effects can be immediate, or long term. Usually both.

I think we all know I’m not an immense touchy feely hippie. But I do believe in many aspects of TCM and my TCM practitioner has helped me far more than my Western-rooted doctors have. Acupuncture has relieved chronic pain and stress for me–reflexology and acupressure have helped to re-align and ground my body. The idea that we all have an energy seems very straightforward to me–that this energy can be affected by the ways that we live our lives, interact with others, eat, breathe, love seems obvious as well. Complementary medicine is a vital part of my life and I am fortunate to be able to work with a variety of practitioners who agree, from my cardiologist to my acupuncturist.

I didn’t have much experience with polarity therapy and was a bit skeptical. I have a somewhat unfair bias towards true Eastern practices such as TCM and Ayurveda that have been practiced for thousands of years. Energy work that has been adapted by the ever-trendy West doesn’t generally impress me, because all energy work is part of a greater holistic practice. It’s not enough to go to a reiki (a 20th century Japanese invention) session once a month–you need to nourish your body and live a mindful life as well. Energy work has homework.

The air session was done lying face up on a table, clothed, loosely draped. My practitioner took a few deep breaths to ground herself and then…well, it’s difficult to explain. She familiarized herself with the energy of my body, and found that I was carrying far more weight on my right side. It was blocked, in polarity parlance, and she unblocked it. She used a series of pressure points and meridians to free up the energy.

At times, the session was intense. I saw vivid bands of light, triangles, flashes of orange and green and red. When she began to unlock the energy at my core, I felt a wave of light and heat moving through me as my energy began to balance itself out. I felt sort of like I was floating, and it sort of reminded me of sleeping in a waterbed–the floating felt excellent and wonderful until it was overwhelming and I was struggling for purchase. My therapist grounded me and brought me back to Earth, then.

Afterwards, I felt exhausted physically and emotionally. My whole right side felt much lighter, and as the days went on it evened out until I felt balanced. I found myself standing straighter, being more serene, and reaching for an inner calmness that I hadn’t known existed. The benefits are still unfolding.

It certainly impressed me, and I’m looking forward to doing more energy work with this person in the future.

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