Another month, another ninety minute deep tissue, this time from Jennifer at Bamboo Garden Spa.

Jennifer describes her massage as “articulate,” something which puzzled me until I actually experienced it. But she’s right. Trane felt like a snake: Jennifer feels like an octopus, moving fluidly all over my body and working deeply around my muscles–articulating them, in fact. She works deeply, and when she finds an area of tension she works into it rather than giving it a half-hearted attempt and then moving on.

I could actually feel joints and muscles clicking and pulling into place under her hands, something which doesn’t always happen for me. Sometimes she could do it one pass, and sometimes she had to patiently work an area for a few minutes before it would release. She also flexed my limbs and worked with them in different positions. Rather than working just with my arms flat on the table, for example, she moved them around, bent them, and worked out the areas of tension that emerged. I’ve had therapists bend my elbow this way or that, but I’ve never had someone work through my whole range of motion before–it was incredible. I have a sense that regular visits to her could be highly beneficial, because my whole body feels relaxed, released, and ready now. My posture has improved and I’m more conscious of which body parts I’m putting where. My muscles feel crisp and individuated, open and warm. It’s a good feeling.

Jennifer is a small woman, shorter than I am and I am just shy of being a midget. But let me tell you, size is no barrier to great deep tissue work–she went far deeper than some burly male therapists I’ve met, and threw her whole body fearlessly into the endeavor. Jennifer may have won my massage loyalty with her superb work.