Cake Update

flourless torteWe took a break from candy consumption for weekly Scrabble night.

The thing about weekly Scrabble night is that it starts with food, glorious food (tonight: fresh sausages from Roundman’s Smoke House (turducken sausage, pine nut and basil, and sundried tomato), potatoes au gratin a la Steingarten, and sauteed brussel sprouts with garlic). Usually we go out for dessert because one of the members of our company is gluten intolerant.

Tonight, I decided to experiment with some gluten-free baking and I made the flourless chocolate cake from Gluten-Free Girl. The cake is rich, thick, and dense. According to her it will be more fudgy on the second day, but I’m not sure it’s going to last the night, because this shit is good.

Good, I tell you.
flourless torte and pear cider
Seriously. Go make one. We served it with whipped cream and fresh raspberries from the Farmer’s Market (Gowans), and it was more or less perfect. That would be sparkling peach cider in the background from Sonoma Sparkler, and behind that you can see a cat-butt and some cake.

Cake ratings from the team:

Agent P: 8(ish)
Agent L: 8
Agent M: 8