24 hours out

Mr Bell is still rather groggy from the anesthesia, and I suspect he feels a bit nauseous as well, judging from his reaction to offerings of food. Usually, for example, he covets a piece of one of my biscuits so I made biscuits this morning and offered him some and he turned away, making a gagging noise. Maybe it was because I mixed a little whole wheat flour in there. He’s a die hard white flour only advocate. His throat may also be sore from intubation, so I’m going to try him on some soft food a little later.

He’s also very much not a fan of the cephalexin he has to take for the next week. (To prevent any opportunistic infections–because it’s an antibiotic, it’s very important that he take the full course of medication, no matter how much he hates it.) I think the formula they gave us is pediatric, because it’s electric pink and cherry flavoured. (How do I know this? Because when he spat half his dosage at me this morning, some landed in my mouth.) I suspect giving him pills would be much easier (and less hard on the carpeting) than hot pink liquid.

As you can see, I take the e-collar off when I’m around to keep an eye on him, because he loathes it. He seems to be enjoying the sunshine–I’m glad it came out today. If you look very closely on the left side of his face, you can see the other half of this morning’s cephalexin dosage streaking his ruff.

mr bell in the sun