Party life & bonus feature!

I have played more Scrabble in the last 19 hours than I have in…quite a long time. I think I’ve played five separate games since midnight last night. Seriously. One of my coworkers made fun of me because I came in to work looking something the cat dragged in–the conversation went like this:

“Woah! What happened to you last night?”

“I was up until five in the morning playing Scrabble.”

“Ha hah. No, seriously. You look like shit.”

“Yeah, I know. I was up until five in the morning playing Scrabble.”

“Are you shitting? That’s the lamest thing I have ever heard.”

“Hey, I may be in the grip of a Scrabble hangover, but I still pack a punch, girl, watch out.”

Here’s a selection of the games we played:

12:34 am–Ailish, Dora, & I.

scrabble board

3:42 am–Ailish, Adam, and I. Note that beer was required for successful game completion.

scrabble board with red tail ale

6:30 pm–Adam & I. I think he is gesturing at “fetch,” a word of which he was rather proud. It was a little odd playing Scrabble in the daytime, though. Note the blinding shafts of sunlight across the board. Due to excessive Scrabble and beer consumption earlier in the day, this game took a long time to finish.

scrabble board

Afterwards we played with Loki for awhile. Here comes the bonus feature!

loki the cat

Yes, that’s right, the mysterious meloukhia can be found in the reflection from the window. (Which astute readers will note is out of the frame. This is because in order to open the window in this room, you must take it out of the frame–it has no runners. So the window is either closed or wide open. And when it’s closed it doesn’t make a perfect seal anyway. Not that I am bitching or anything, but some lowlife contractor claimed to have fixed this window and charged my wonderful landlords a silly amount for this work…which he obviously didn’t do.)

Let this be your warning, gentle readers–Scrabble, like alcoholism, can be dangerous.