The Things We Saw

Someone once told me that atoms actually drift in a void of infinite space. Despite the apparent solidity of things, the world is made up of vast gaps with small, energetic things swirling about in it. Lately I’ve been feeling like an atom, floating in a void until I bump into something else and then being pushed away by the impact.

I’m invisible…
an eraser of love…
why don’t you call me I feel like flying in two…
I’m invisible…
an eraser of love…
why don’t you call me I feel like flying in two…
an eraser of love…

I feel rather like my heart is cracking. It skips a beat and resumes, testing me, and I am oddly exhilarated by that sinking feeling, the sense of compression in my chest, which mounts and builds until my heart decides to beat again, and then reluctantly dissipates.

Where we went on Sunday is a place far from my home, literally and metaphorically. First you must drive for a very long time, along headlands like this which glowed green under the patchy sunlight.

deep blue morocco
the water on stone
the water on concrete
the water on sand
the water on fire smoke
the wind the salt the bride boat coming

The beach we went to was sort of like this one, although we didn’t go up to the feet of the sea. Did you know that water circulates throughout the global ocean, slowly? In theory the water molecules suspended over the sand above were on the shores of Europe once, dabbled in by Chinese children. Perhaps someday they may dance over your feet when you walk along the shore somewhere far from here.

Pushed away
Your body is-a pushin…
Pushed away
Come before the unbeliever

Later, the sun was bloody red, sinking into the ocean.

Shares his neighbors with a building
Knows addresses of by heart
Draws a picture of his future
Keeps the paper close at hand
Packs his tongue into a suitcase
Suffers terror on the train
And he wants to start a movement
Cause he’s indestructible
Destructible..suffers terror on the train
He is indestructible
And you know they’ll never find us
And they’ll leave us alone
And if we just keep on talking
Then we’ll still make it home
There’s commotion and promotion
Now they’ve done good every war
Sell our pictures to a paper
Now that everyone must know

Trading satellites for substance
Let spectators pay their way
We’ll invade the trevi fountain
Now that everyone must pay
Mama and babies mother tragedy
Babies mothers tragedy
Babies mothers tragedy
Terrifies the kill

Lyrics by Underworld (Cowgirl, Pearl’s Girl, Push Upstairs) and Orbital (The Box).