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I’m sorry, but sometimes my search logs are so entertaining, I simply must share them with you. I hope that person found what they needed here.

So I’m reading the academy awards results this morning. I love reading the snarky fashion reviews, personally. I think, all told, and unusually for me, that the winners actually deserved to win. In the last few years, I’ve disagreed with the academy about some things. But, this year, there were a lot of good nominees, like Curse of the Were-Rabbit. And March of the Penguins, which of course had to win best documentary feature. I think it should have won best picture, personally, because it was that awesome. I think I’ve written before about my love for March of the Penguins and in fact penguins in general. Suffice it to say that if you haven’t seen it, you should go rent it, and if you have, you should go rent it again.

It was fitting that Memoirs of a Geisha took costume, art direction, and cinematography, a nod to how beautiful it was. The film may have been a little weak on substance, but it was handsomely arranged and framed and deserves credit for that–it’s one of the more beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. It certainly did justice to the Asian fetish. The art direction team used vivid imagery, costuming, and symbolism, and part of the reason they could get away with it was because of the setting. We expect Asian films to be rife with symbolism (even if we miss most of it). It was a little unsettling to have Chinese actors in the major roles of a Japanese movie. (And I am interested to know how those actors felt–has the memory of the Rape of Nanjing faded so quickly?) It’s sort of analogous to having Americans play Iraqis–weird, at the least.

I’m also not altogether surprised that Brokeback Mountain didn’t take best picture. Ang Lee did snag best director, and should have, because it was his influence on the film that made it as good as it was. Brokeback Mountain was a very trendy movie, especially within the liberal set, but I’m not sure it was the best movie–I think that Crash may actually deserve that title, because it was, as a whole, better. Don’t get me wrong, I thought Brokeback Mountain was a good movie, I just thought Crash was better. And remember, best picture is about the best movie, period, rather than the movie with the best social message or best director or best actor–that’s why there are multiple Oscar categories, kids.

I also hear student loan rates are going up. I’m glad I locked my interest rates in, but it’s looking like graduate school is less and less affordable for me, as well as hundreds of thousands of other students. It’s good to see that the administration values education and is placing a priority on helping Americans through school. Gosh, maybe Europe can come over and take lessons from us. Oh, wait, for Europeans college is free. Nevermind.

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