Spare a book?

Because if you can, the New Orleans Public Library could really use a few. I’m not a big fan of posting pleas for cash and donations for every cause of the moment, but I happen to feel very strongly about reading, and about libraries. I would not have a degree if it weren’t for libraries. I would not be as educated as I am, degree or not, if not for libraries. I would not have random factoids about smallpox floating around my head if it wasn’t for libraries. Given my insatiable reading habits, I estimate that libraries will save me millions of dollars over my lifetime. I love libraries, and I love books, and I love research, and I can’t imagine not having access to a well stocked book repository.

Some of my fondest memories of (famous university) are of being gently shaken awake by library staff in one of the many reading rooms, stretched out on threadbare rugs with cushions and a good book. I’ve had a library card since I was six months old. (And I think I may be the only person in Fort Bragg library history with a note on their account that says: “lost card due to hijacking. Please replace free of charge.”) In 1987, while we were living in Europe, an arsonist destroyed the library and contents–several of the books in the Phoenix Collection came from our family.

They are accepting donations of new books (for branch circulation), used books (for fundraising sales), and cash. If you have any extras of the above floating around, do your civic duty! Libraries and learning kick ass.

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