Last call…

If you’re planning on submitting to the second ever Big Fat Carnival, a good time to do that is this week, as the deadline is midnight Pacific time on Sunday, 2 April 2006! If you miss this carnival, you’re going to have to wait a whole two months for the next one, and that doesn’t sound like any fun.

Only email submissions are being accepted at this time! You may email me, including “Big Fat Carnival submission” or something similar in the subject line (meloukhia at gmail dot com).

The Big Fat Carnival is a carnival for collecting some of the best blog posts regarding fat pride; fat acceptance; critiques of anti-fat bigotry, attitudes and research; celebration of images of fat people; practical difficulties of being fat; fat love (queer and otherwise); feminist views of fat and fat acceptance; the health at every size movement (HAES); and whatever else each edition’s editor feels fits into the theme.

(But please note, The Big Fat Carnival is not a place to advocate weight-loss diets, weight loss surgery (WLS), or feederism.)

This carnival will be published on Tuesday, 4 April, and I look forward to including your work in it!

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