Return of the gratin

So I was going to post about something entirely different tonight, until I got off work.

My boss, who is almost as batty for good food as I am, convinced me to go out to dinner with her. This rarely takes much effort, honestly, as any time there’s food in the air I’m usually close by. And I had been tortured with delicious scents all day.

Lo and behold, and perhaps in a coincidence, tonight’s vegetables were…the gratin. (Which our lovely waitress at first pronounced “Grotten,” causing me to wonder how a town in Connecticut was going to fit on even the generously sized plates at the Bistro). I promptly clamored for a side of it and it was delightful. Praise be to the gods of food, who do apparently now and then listen to my prayers. It would appear that while the masters are away, the cats are playing, but with tasty results, I swear.

In other news, I’m too lazy to take out the recycling tonight. I will be reminded at four in the morning when the garbage trucks go by that I should have taken out the recycling. I just finished reading Garbage Land, which has really got me thinking about garbage and waste and stuff, and last night…well this morning really, I designed a neato plumbing system that I would totally install if I owned this house.

Check it. Toilets are fucking gross, and totally impractical. Why mix clean potable water with shit and then spend a lot of money separating the water from the shit a few miles away? So step one in my more energy efficient household: install a composting toilet. Booya. Then, and this is a multi-part process, so hang in kids, set up all my gray water to run under the flooring in pipes (so that it heats the house as it goes down the drain). Then, the grey water will go through a series of purifying pools, culminating in a koi pond (and this is why the water runs under the house, to cool first so that it won’t kill the fish). When the water in the koi pond gets to a certain level, it gets shunted to a storage tank, which is then used for garden watering. Household compost gets used on edible plants, humanure on ornamentals. In addition, passive solar heating on the roof, which goes to an on demand gas hot water heater (which will in turn use less energy because the water is already warm). I’m digging the zero-waste ideal.

These doubles on Mondays and Tuesdays are really killing me, in terms of writing productivity. I apologize. We may have to institute Monday cat blogging or something to take some of the load off. Either that or I’ll have to keep columns “on the spike,” so to speak, like olde timey journalists. Or you’re going to read disjointed ramblings about shit and grey water. Perhaps I should leave this up to the people to decide. Maybe you like hearing about poo. Since I have three cats and one of them has IBS, I know a lot about poo.

Maybe…too much.