Oh, the rain

Once again, the National Weather Service fills the air with doom and gloom forecasts.

“Oh, the rain,” they cry. “You have a flood statement and a hazardous weather outlook!”

I think that maybe the National Weather Service is nervous, and perhaps trying to hedge its bets. Erring on the side of caution, as it were. For if they didn’t forecast rain and there were torrents and the power went out, many people would be pissed. Instead, there’s a minority of us, who are hoping for the doom and gloom and power outage, and we are likely to be disappointed.

I miss the good old fashioned storms, when things got wet and messy. If this is global warming, I think it sucks. It’s time for the power to go out, school to get cancelled, and us to go play in the waterlogged streets, damnit.

Especially after Hurricane Katrina, I suppose they feel like it’s better to be overprepared.