Sweet Potato Gnocci & Reincarnation

I will freely admit that I have an obnoxious tendency to order from a limited group of dishes when I eat out. This is a habit gained from eating at restaurants where there are only a few “safe” dishes, and I get nervous about adventuring and being disappointed. Yesterday was an adventure on many levels, and it started at an alarmingly early hour of the morning.

I sold the Jeep, at last, to a gentleman from Santa Rosa and his son. Given his son’s appearance, I give the Jeep a few months of continued life. But the transaction was over with quickly, everyone was happy, and I walked with a fistful of cash. (Have you ever counted out thousands of dollars in hundreds in the pouring rain in a sketchy alley? I have, now.)

Of course, I should be applying my windfall to paying off my credit cards, so I paid the rent and then decided to treat myself to some spa goodness, and then industriously apply the rest to my alarming debt. Of course, the Sony exploded at this juncture, but I was determined not to let that spoil my day.

I went for a reincarnation, which is sort of a sample platter of all the treatments Bamboo Garden Spa has to offer. I started out with a tub (I added a Silky Pagoda bath, which made the experience that much more awesome). I soaked, I saunaed, and generally relaxed while the rain poured down outside. Then one of the lovely therapists came to collect me and I got a vanilla bean sugar scrub, which was amazing. The scrub melted off me in the shower and my skin already felt silky soft, but I returned to the table for a green tea mask and Japanese hair and scalp treatment—both awesome. I love having my hair played with. I suppose most humans do. But this woman plays with hair very well, and it was a pleasure to relax in her hands. I showered again, and returned to the table for an invigorating massage.

Let it be said, this experience was awesome. But choose your therapist with care, because you are with them for a long time. I recommend booking an hour massage or body treatment with a therapist you are interested in, and then booking a reincarnation with them. This particular therapist is excellent at every stage—she gives a great body treatment and a wonderful massage. She’s also very communicative and responsive. By the time I got out, it was dinner time, and I was peckish, although I had a lovely snack of fresh fruit and yoghurt in the middle of my treatment. So off to the Bistro I went.

I started with a bowl of the crab bisque, which was delightfully crabby and spicy. It was a struggle to pass up the spinach salad of the gods, but soup seemed appropriate, given the weather, which was rather hostile. I followed with a new menu item, sweet potato gnocci in Gorgonzola cream with candied pecans, and it was as delightful as it sounds. Savory vegetables were served on the side, which was a superb idea. A little cracked pepper on top and I was set, and then I lingered over a scoop of blood orange sorbet and watched the streets slowly fill with water. A good day, all in all.