Look to the east–there are fires in the sky

The weather this morning has been so curious that I feel obligated to comment on it, despite my general dislike of discussions about the weather. Unless the weather is so outstanding that we are all about to die, or the power is out.

At any rate. I woke up around 7:30 and the light, everywhere, was yellow. As though God had peed in the air, a rich vibrant bright unmistakable yellow. The eastern horizon looked like it was on fire, golden and orange and yellow and shot through with dark streaks. It’s been raining all night, and then it began to hail. The wind snaked through the cracks of the house, setting up a constant whistling noise.

Then the lightning and thunder began, in quick succession, right on top of me. But when I looked to the west, I saw blue skies and sunshine. Loki was running back and forth from the living room to the bedroom, looking at the ominous eastern sky and then the cheerful western sky. He was obviously deeply confused. Now the weather seems to be clearing and it appears that we might have a sunny day. The funny yellow colour is gone, and everything is normal again. How peculiar.