Now I’m Really Pissed

More details will follow, when I am not enraged, but the long and short of it is this:

I was robbed. While the stereo and speakers were costly, and that is annoying, the devastating thing is my cd collection, which I have spent the last ten years accumulating. Some of the albums were purchased overseas, or were rare. Some of the cds were mixes that friends put together for me. Some of those friends are now dead, or I have lost contact with them. It makes me indescribably angry that someone would rob me in the town I grew up in, that someone would steal from my locked car, parked right behind my house. It makes me furious that 200 cds–hours–of music are gone from my life. I can’t even begin to imagine picking up the pieces. I loved every single album in that case. I will miss the extended version of The Box, by Orbital. I will miss Animal Rights, by Moby. I will miss Everything is Wrong, Tosca, Avenue Q, the Kill Bill Soundtrack. I will miss the Better than Masturbation Mixx, The Cave of Montesinos, and the Trainspotting Soundtrack. I will miss the hand drawn album covers Nathan made for me, which are probably in a garbage can somewhere, because they were “worthless”. I will miss “Rendezvous” and I will miss my Uum Kalthoum.

And, of course, the cop I dealt with utterly marginalized me. I’m young and female, therefore I’m stupid and not worth bothering for. He didn’t even pretend to care about fingerprinting the car. He wasn’t going to photograph it until I demanded that he do so. He wasn’t really interested in the crime at all until he realized the value of the items made it grand theft. He wasn’t interested in the fact that I totally noticed people attempting to steal a car earlier. He’s probably back at the station right now, telling his buddies some stupid blonde forgot to lock her car. And he is so in trouble, tomorrow, after I talk to his supervisor. Why the fuck would you not fingerprint a car? I’m sorry, isn’t it the responsibility of the police to, you know, find criminals? Wouldn’t it make sense to get prints, so that they could check the database, or so that if there’s another robbery, the two can be linked? But, oh no, I’m not rich, I’m not a tourist, and I’m not old, therefore, I have no angle the police department is interested in.

Yeah. Grand theft–my trust. I grew up in this town. Now all I want is out.