Curious jobs

A friend remarked to me today that I am the only person he knows who sees their boss naked on a regular basis. Or at all, really, come to think of it.

Working for spas is interesting. I mean, yes, I do see a great number of naked people, to the point that I no longer really care. I see a lot of cock in an assortment of colours, shapes, and sizes. And I really…just don’t care. People seem surprised by this. Customers always seem sort of nervous in that “oh god I’m naked” sort of way, and I suppose it’s because I’m always clothed. There is a rather unfair power differential there. I see morbidly obese woman naked and I see lithe little sprites, and it really don’t matter one way or the other. Luckily, most clients are nonchalant about nudity because they’ve been coming to the spa for years, so there’s never really any awkwardness. Although I worry some day that someone cute will come to tub, and I won’t be able to ask them out on a date because they might think I was trying to hit on them, as opposed to just wanting to get to know them in a non-naked state. Gah.

Although it is sort of entertaining that I can say I’ve seen my boss naked. And that, furthermore, my boss has given me a massage. That’s awfully cool. This Tuesday, for example, my boss is using me as a model to demonstrate some new massage techniques, which is pretty much a win win situation for me, since I lie on a massage table and get petted for two hours. I like that. It makes a working environment much more enjoyable when you get useful and excellent benefits that you truly use, on a regular basis, like unlimited sauna privledges. What’s not exciting about that?