Why you should vote

So, a couple of reasons to vote, on Tuesday, but also in general:

1. We live in what is theoretically a democracy. However, democracies do not function if all members of society do not participate. It’s not just that by not voting you are lame and pathetic: by not voting, you are hurting America, to paraphrase Jon Stewart. So stop. Please. It is the exchange of ideas and ideals which makes change possible. It is the expression of your opinion, as a taxpayer and citizen, that voting is all about.

2. A lot of people in the world who are affected by the things our country does can’t vote. Check it out. Any non U.S. citizen, for starters. That’s about 6,178,803,245 people, according to latest census statistics. If you are a United States citizen, but happen to be under 18, you are also disenfranchised. Finally, if you are a felon, or in some states, an ex-felon, you are also denied the right to vote. The number of eligible voters is starting to look pretty small, isn’t it? So you owe it to the world, you lazy fuck. Vote.

3. Things that we vote on affect us. Now. Not later. Right this minute. Prop 73, for example, is a major blow for abortion rights. Prop 77 could have major impact in another national election, by rearranging our districts. And so forth. These are things that are going to impact YOU, citizen, so get out there and make your voice heard. Don’t let the religious right dictate how YOU live when you have a choice.

4. Finally, and most important, people who don’t vote when they are fully able to are fucking lame, and, therefore, not worthy of anyone’s attention. They should all just rot in the bottom of sewers. In fact…nonvoters, are you sure that there isn’t a prop 82, the public flagellation of non-voters act? There might be. But there’s only one way to find out–go to your polling place. And vote.