A brief note on Halloween

I love that in our society, it is fully acceptable to be 110 pounds and dress in a french maid costume, but not to be 180 pounds and wearing a french maid costume.

The way in which the overweight are belittled, made to feel subhuman, treated like garbage, is unacceptable to me, and it should be unacceptable to you as well. It is not right, or reasonable, to make fun of someone for having the bravery to reveal themselves to you. And let me tell you something, you thin righteous fucks: it takes a lot more bravery to wear something “racy” when you are 180 pounds than 110 pounds, so stop giving women shit for it. Stop demanding that every woman adhere to your personal standard of beauty, and stop reacting with revulsion and horror, as if someone isn’t even in front of you, listening to you abuse her body, when you see a brave woman. Try applauding her instead, you slimy little fucks.

[Fort Bragg]