Wacky doings in Westport, part II

The allegations are flying.

After a brief and apparently decorous tussle within the Republican Central Committee, Rogers has been allowed to take a six months leave of absence. While an 8-3 vote initially set in motion a request for Rogers to resign altogether, he sent the group a letter pleading instead for time off, and his request was granted.

As a member of the committee points out, this seems entirely reasonable given that at this point, he has not been convicted of any crime. Meanwhile, a temporary chair has stepped in, and intends to engage in more Republican outreach to the youth a community where Democrats outnumber Republicans two to one. She says that she thinks “Republicans are sometimes made to feel unwelcome in local dialogue.”

I can’t imagine where she got that impression.

(As reported in the 28 July Advocate)

[Fort Bragg]