General Hospital, episode 313

And, the eagerly awaited update in the MCDH saga:

Editorials and letters to the editor continue to abound. The line in the sand is beginning to resemble The People vrs. MCDH, as administration hotly contends that the hospital is running money losing programs, and providing lists of these losing programs, including Caring for Women, the ambulance, and other unimportant hospital services. Civilians repeatedly ask why the hospital hasn’t added “boneheaded administrators” to the list. An article in the 13 July AVA points out that many civilians (including yours truly) viewed the advertising campaign for Measure R (the ill-fated parcel tax discussed below) as a threat, and voted against the hospital out of spite. (The hospital also sent me a bill for emergency services from March two days after the election out of spite, apparently.)

The hospital renovations are now running several million dollars out of budget, and the hospital had to get approval to use money from their reserve account to pay outstanding bills—some of which are over three months old. (Although Advocate readers are assured that the hospital always pays local merchants within 60 days.)

The good ship MCDH has developed a strong and suspicious list to port.

[Fort Bragg]