And, the Beacon Update

This week’s Beacon was singularly unscintillating. The cover photo, for a report on the Caspar World Folk Festival, was of a fat girl hula-hooping. I don’t know who decided that would make a good cover image.

I also don’t know who decided that the “Caspar World Folk Festival,” a largely self aggrandizing event filled with local ego-heads, would make good cover material. As a former Caspar resident, I am well aware of the demographic shift from community to fiefdom which Caspar has experienced, and it saddened me.

You see, back in Caspar’s dark ages, a large chunk of undeveloped land went up for sale. The community of friends and neighbors realized that unless they acted, it would be filled with McMansions and other assorted signs of progress, and they banded together to protect their home town. However, a few personalities within the Caspar community dominated the proceedings, and one by one the voices of temperance and logic fled, leaving Caspar in the hands of a megalomaniac few. It is my profound hope that some of Caspar’s exiles will return and retake control of their homeland–it is long past time. As it is now, Caspar is truly a decaying ghost town, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of a place filled with friendly people who would meet in the street in the evenings to talk over community events. Now it is a dark and cold place, unwelcoming and sour.