Why the Pushback on YA?

Every other week, it seems, I’m reading an article attacking young adult literature. It’s trashy, it’s too dark, it’s not dark enough, it’s juvenile, it’s too sexy, it focuses too much on girls…the list seems endless, as Aja Romano pointed out at the Daily Dot earlier this year. In response to every ludicrous opinion piece […]

And Then She Was Pretty, the End

Certain tropes tend to come up again and again in young adult fiction, and there’s one in particular that makes me positively aflame with irritation: the heroine who must become beautiful as part of her journey and transformation into a fully realised character. Beauty, in this setting and framing, becomes an essential part of what […]

Get Your Mermaids While They’re Hot

The new trend in fiction, evidently, is mermaids. We’re over vampires, werecreatures, fairies, and angels, and now it’s time to move on to another mythical creature; people seem reluctant to return to contemporary YA in the interest of exploring fantasy themes[1. Not that I have any complaints about fantasy; it’s one of my favourite genres […]