On Working for Free

Periodically, this discussion flares up again, especially in the web-driven model of content production many of us work in today, where, let’s face it, freelancers are typically radically underpaid for their work—when they receive payment at all. Consequently, many of us are stuck cobbling bits and pieces of work together in a frenetic struggle to […]

The Normative Gaze In Fiction

In October, I attended the fabulous Sirens Conference in Stevenson, Washington, which consisted of two amazing days of programming with all sorts of interesting panelists and a lot of great discussions. Both inside specific programming and in casual conversations in the lobby and elsewhere about the lodge where we stayed, I came away with a […]

Writing the Other

In the constant fight to improve representation of minorities in fiction, performance, and other media, the concept of writing the other often comes up; the media are dominated by people who have certain social advantages, and they’re the ones writing the representations, for the most part. Which means that one way to increase representations is […]