Don’t work for free

People often turn to me for advice on developing writing careers, especially freelance careers, which honestly makes me a little bit uncomfortable. It’s not because I’m so leery of competition that I don’t want to provide information to people that would help them enter the industry, but rather that the industry is an extremely hard […]

On Networking

Want to succeed in your career? Network: It’s what everyone tells you to do. Establish connections everywhere you go, make yourself memorable, and treat every interaction as a possible business contact. Work hard to develop and maintain your contacts, take advantage of contacts when they’re offered, and pass them along when it’s feasible to do […]

A Part-Time World

While we talk about jobs as part of the economic recovery, one thing that often goes undiscussed is the deeper specifics of those jobs and what they actually mean for workers. There’s an ‘any job is a good job’ implication that goes along with how jobs are talked about, and that ignores the fact that […]

Pay for Performance? Let’s Start With Hazardous Jobs

Consumers of products that require hazardous work are often told that workers in that field are well paid, very well paid, for their labours. The tradeoff for known dangerous working conditions is a big paycheque, comfortable pensions, benefits for families when people die in accidents. These jobs, consumers are informed, are critically necessary, and workers […]