Women In Politics: Gender Doesn’t Determine Political Party

There’s an assumption a lot of people of liberal persuasion tend to make about women who are politically involved: That, by very nature of their gender, they should be liberal. Because clearly, liberal-leaning politics provide more opportunities for women (including treating them like human beings instead of incubators), and women should just be naturally progressive […]

Why No, Progressives Are Not Automatically Required To Love Women Candidates

The 2008 election became the scene of some fascinating positioning and rhetoric as both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin occupied key roles in the campaign process. Clinton’s bid for a Presidential nomination ultimately failed, while Palin was cynically selected as a Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican party. These two women have political views at […]

Mothers In Politics

Politics provide a great example of how insidiously messaging about gender roles persists despite pushback. The belief that women belong in the home is still strong, and it’s especially strong in the case of mothers, who are expected to drop everything and dedicate their lives to their children. Mothers are apparently incapable of balancing work […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Female Candidates: She’s Crazy!

Courtesy of the tea party, we some real humdingers of female candidates lining themselves up for the 2012 election, with Michele Bachmann as the current leader of the field, it appears. These women are a subject of much discussion, and rightly so. They’re being presented as viable candidates, they are campaigning, they are taking part […]