War comes in, war goes out

Don’t let the man get you down. 7 December, 1917: The United States declares war on Austria-Hungary, fully committing to the First World War after maintaining years of isolationism.  Woodrow Wilson’s determined attempt to maintain neutrality in the First World War while the rest of the world suffered didn’t go unobserved—it wasn’t until April 1917 […]

Women and War

War is often defined and treated as a very masculine province—to this day, we have an image of young men being marched off to war, of men of lower social status being used up like disposable items to fight the wars of the rich and powerful. Yet, how much of this image is true? Why […]

To Remember the Dead

The origins of Memorial Day lie in Decoration Day, a Civil War-era tradition that began in the South around 1865. The practice of visiting cemeteries in an organised way on specific dates is common to many cultures; in some, you date your cemetery visits on a calendar based on the death of the loved one, […]