1976: A Banner Year in the New Vampire Mythos

Many people argue that Dracula was a key work in the vampire mythos, consolidating legends thousands of years old and creating a unified vision of the vampire for the West. Dracula was adapted into countless films and plays throughout the 20th century, and over 100 years after it was published, copies of this book still […]

SWV Seeks May-December Stalker-Romance

Gather ’round the campfire, homechickens, because it’s story time, and I’m pretty sure that none of you have heard this one before, so listen close. It all starts with an Ancient Vampire with poofy hair, drawn to a young human female by deep inner compulsion. She’s from a broken home, and has always seemed a […]

Women and the New Vampire Mythos

The recent resurgence of the vampire genre, arguably led by Anne Rice and Buffy, has inevitably led to a lot of cultural criticism, talking about what this trend means for society, and some of the most interesting criticism is coming from people discussing the role of sexuality and women in the genre. Whether you’re talking […]