Gilmore Girls and Small-Town Life

Thanks to Emily Lloyd-Jones, I have come into the fold of Gilmore Girls, admittedly late. (Tardy to the party, but always in style: That’s me.) The show, for those not familiar, revolves around the lives of a mother-daughter pair who enjoy a singular bond. It’s about familial relationships, small-town America, the way we relate to each other, […]

The Golden Hour

There is a concept in health care known as the golden hour, one very familiar to many people outside the health care community thanks to the fact that it plays a prominent role in film, television, and other media. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t last for a chronological hour, but it refers to that critically important […]

In Defence of the Urban Car

Periodically, another round of debate over urban cars flares up, with people hotly insisting that no one who lives in a city needs a car. These people are usually urban dwellers, of course, and they’re typically nondisabled with very specific kinds of lifestyles, yet they’re convinced, in their anti-car evangelist fervour, that everyone leads the […]