Why Do You Fight Accessibility?

When issues of accessibility are raised — in physical environments, online, in the design of homes, restaurants, public spaces, websites, books, classrooms — the response is often defensive. Justifications for inaccessibility spill out of endlessly running mouths, there’s always a good reason (or seven), there’s a sense of needing to swat down any request, of […]

Accessibility Matters: Are You Really Going to Get This Entrenched Over $500?

Resistance to accessibility often centres around cost; it’s too expensive to accommodate people with disabilities, so we should make do with whatever we can get. In particular, there’s a heavy focus on the cost burden for small businesses, by which people usually mean owner-run establishments that may have a handful of extra employees. While it […]

Access is a Twofold Issue

I talk about access a lot, and the mechanics of making environments accessible to as many people as possible. Concepts like universal design, and the idea that starting from the premise that all spaces should be accessible results in more powerful, useful, flexible design. One thing I don’t address as much is the other side […]

Universal Design, Accessibility, and Designing Spaces for Everyone

I’ve been thinking a lot about universal design lately. For those unfamiliar with the concept, universal design is basically the idea of designing spaces to be universally accessible; both in a disability sense, and generally speaking. Design for everyone, as it were. And that includes physical spaces as well as virtual ones, from bus terminals […]