The problem of Amy Schumer’s transphobia

I wanted to like Amy Schumer. Really, I did. I like sharp, funny, smart women doing engaging and challenging things in the comedy world, which is still strongly stacked against women, though white, nondisabled comedians are definitely starting to make inroads (shout out to Margaret Cho and Mindy Kaling, though!). I firmly believe that there’s […]

The Transparent Transmisogyny of Transparent

When I first heard about Amazon Instant’s Transparent, I was rather excited. Web-exclusive series are definitely the new face of television, and as established in Orange is the New Black, they’re becoming a place for trans talent to shine, and a career incubator for actors who might otherwise struggle to break into Hollywood and the popular consciousness. They’re […]

Hiring Cis Actors for Trans Roles Isn’t Progressive

The representation of transgender people is slowly growing in the pop culture landscape, with various attempts at depicting trans lives in a variety of settings. It’s leading to the rise of actresses like Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera, a much more high-profile discussion about transphobia, discrimination, and what it means to be transgender. While pop […]