Teens are changing language and you’re just going to have to deal

Kids these days, getting all over English’s lawn, just like…generations of teens before them. English is a constantly and fascinatingly evolving language, but somehow older generations seem continually surprised by this, even though they themselves participated in pushing English in new directions in their younger years. As a consequence, we get to hear a great […]

Your Teen Is In Juvenile Detention: Here’s the Bill

There are two important things to understand about the prison system in the United States: it’s based on retributive justice, and it’s a for-profit enterprise. There’s a reason they refer to it as the ‘prison-industrial complex,’ because the whole system is designed to generate massive amounts of money for power players, including not just private […]

Walking the Corn

While cotton may have snagged the tagline ‘the fabric of our lives,’ corn might as well be the grain of our lives in the United States, given how inextricably it’s woven into the food landscape. It’s not that people eat a great deal of corn as corn, but that corn and corn components are everywhere, […]