Equal Night

I’ve been thinking lately about the etymology of ‘equinox,’ because these are the kinds of things I do late at night when I am trying to convince myself to go to sleep and yet my brain seems to come up with a million other things to do instead. Thinking about etymology is perhaps not the […]

Equal, Dual, and Otherwise

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about words with dual meanings. Not those double entendres that make life so deliciously naughty so much of the time, but those adorable, frustrating, ravaging, delightful English words that for some quixotic reason have decided that they need to have two meanings, or sometimes three or four, just […]

One Day, One Night

I have a vision that when Persephone emerges from the underworld, flowers spring up in her footsteps. Delicate hyacinths and daffodils and nodding narcissus, tulips and irises. Spring flowers, bulbs, the things that grow deep underground in the darkness and cold and then force their way to the surface when the weather starts to turn […]

Split Down the Middle

The days have been getting longer. Have you felt it? The sun squeaks above the horizon a little earlier each morning. The house is not pitch black at 7:00 am, it’s starting to flush with grey light, slowly, but steadily. The quality of the light is changing. It’s warmer, richer, I almost want to say […]

The Balance Point

Today the day and night are of equal length and we emerge from the cocoon of winter and into the blaring and bright world of spring. Persephone rises from the underworld and the fecund earth bursts with color and greenery; things are growing and bursting into bloom so quickly that if I sit still long […]