Pleasure isn’t guilty

The delightful Bree recently commented that ‘pleasure isn’t guilty,’ a statement I strongly agree with, but it’s something the United States and many other heavily Christian, Westernised cultures struggle with. This reflects a number of social attitudes, but one of the strongest may be the streak of Calvinism that runs through countries like the US. […]

On the dehumanisation of disabled children

‘I’m an autism mom,’ someone said to me the other day. Talking about parenting while disabled is a fascinating conversation, given that society continues to discriminate against disabled parents. Children are taken from disabled parents solely on the grounds that their disabilities make them ‘unfit to parent,’ with no additional consideration. Disabled people are forcibly […]

Are we finally ready to put trans actresses in trans roles?

In a perhaps confusing incidence of synchronicity, two comedies featuring trans characters hit the media world this year — Boy Meets Boy in the United States is a romantic comedy that went on limited release earlier in the year and started streaming in April. In the UK, the television programme of the same name started filming in late […]

Think before you share: disability

One of the most interesting things about joining Facebook, for me, has been exposure to the phenomenon known as the ‘share,’ the linking of something or relinking of something someone else published. Shares circulate merrily across the internet (Facebook is a major traffic driver), they get scores of likes, people post thousands of comments. There’s […]