The intersectionality of chronic pain

100 million adults in the United States have chronic pain conditions. Women are overrepresented in their number. Women of colour, even more so. There’s a tangled thread of circumstances that creates these imbalances, and it loops around to another problem: Intersectional oppression in the treatment of chronic pain, both medically and socially. Deep-seated social attitudes about […]

Why is Joss Whedon still treated like an authority on women in film and television?

Joss Whedon temporarily set the internet aflutter yet again this year with commentary on sexism in Hollywood, as though he’s the ultimate authority on such subjects. First he called the industry “intractibly sexist” and then he took back his words in another interview, claiming that the industry had improved since the original commentary. Fair enough […]

Selfies and Sexism

If you peruse my Instagram, you’ll find an assortment of images. Food, cats, random things I see in travels. And pictures of myself, mostly taken by myself. (I am a greedy and jealous person who rarely forks my phone over to people.) People have been taking pictures of themselves, in one form or another, for […]

Exploiting Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome: The feeling that you’re no really qualified for something, that you are pretending, that you will, at any moment, be caught out by someone who actually knows what she is doing. The constant nagging fear of humiliation as people realise that you were faking it all along, and that you’re really just a […]

On Networking

Want to succeed in your career? Network: It’s what everyone tells you to do. Establish connections everywhere you go, make yourself memorable, and treat every interaction as a possible business contact. Work hard to develop and maintain your contacts, take advantage of contacts when they’re offered, and pass them along when it’s feasible to do […]

Women in Criticism, and Sexism

Criticism, contrary to what many people seem to believe, is an art. It’s not something that people do because they fail at doing something (in fact, some of the most famous critics are also experts in the body of work being discussed as active participants in it — well-regarded authors, for example, routinely review books). […]