Selfies and Sexism

If you peruse my Instagram, you’ll find an assortment of images. Food, cats, random things I see in travels. And pictures of myself, mostly taken by myself. (I am a greedy and jealous person who rarely forks my phone over to people.) People have been taking pictures of themselves, in one form or another, for […]

#Aftersex and Prudery

This spring, the thing all the kids were doing that everyone had something to say about was the #aftersex hashtag, which apparently originated on Instagram. Oh, those wild kids, taking pictures of themselves in bed! The hashtag is a mixture of images, including people who are sweet, sultry, sleepy, and more, sometimes with pets along […]

Vanity and the Selfie Wars

2013 seemed to mark the year of the selfie wars. Everyone had something to say about selfies, images people take of themselves and post to social media or share with friends, and many of those things were deeply uncomplimentary. Those things were also highly gendered, as was much of the meta-analysis of the selfie phenomenon, […]