It’s 11:07 pm. Do you know where your retraction is?

Many people are familiar with the Andrew Wakefield study, which purported to find a link between vaccines and autism. The study became the driver for an entire movement, with vaccine deniers gathering behind it and using it as ammunition to not vaccinate their children or delay vaccination schedules. Perhaps unsurprisingly, an uptick in vaccine-preventable illnesses […]

Who’s afraid of the big, bad science?

This country is in a crisis of scientific illiteracy. On the everyday level, many people aren’t familiar with even the rudiments of the scientific method, critical thinking, and how they function, issues that have real and serious repercussions for society — in a prominent recent example, people who can’t comprehend how vaccines work are endangering […]

Time To Ditch Our Smallpox Stores?

Officially, only two stocks of the world’s deadliest virus exist worldwide: one at the CDC in Atlanta, and another at the State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology in Novosibirsk, Russia. These stocks are carefully guarded and monitored to ensure they’re available to researchers, but are otherwise tightly secured — and good thing, too, since standard […]

Thanks, Commander Hadfield

The Canadian Space Agency has itself a bona fide celebrity now, on par with the men who played a critical role in NASA’s moon landing: Commander Hadfield, who returned to Earth from the International Space Station three months ago, has become a household name around the world. And I suspect his career is destined to […]