Where are the data on minority trans communities?

Until very recently, almost no data specifically addressing discrimination against the trans community were available, beyond extremely limited datasets, many with biased samples—like self-reporting individuals from a small geographic or demographic base. Hearing, for example, from a group of white transgender people in an affluent region of a city doesn’t really provide a broad spectrum of […]

Did you even TRY to research?

In pop culture, few things irk me more than poorly researched representation. Whether we’re talking about depictions of places from people who have clearly never been there and didn’t even pick up a map, or obviously troped and inaccurate depictions of other people’s lives, the first thing that comes to mind is: Did you even TRY […]

Writing the Other

In the constant fight to improve representation of minorities in fiction, performance, and other media, the concept of writing the other often comes up; the media are dominated by people who have certain social advantages, and they’re the ones writing the representations, for the most part. Which means that one way to increase representations is […]

How Dare the FDA Do Its Job!

The origins of the Food and Drug Administration lie in a sort of wild West of unregulated medical practice, a world where anything could be slapped in a bottle and called a tonic, even if it killed people, where no regulations existed to protect food products, where people could merrily push contaminated cheese and whatever […]