Critiquing candidates

The 2016 election promises to be, as the kids say, bananas. The huge and terrifying Republican field is filled with an assortment of candidates who each bring their own unique brand of ‘terrible for the country’ to the fray, from Donald Trump’s bombastic hatred of immigrants to Scott Walker’s insistence on running Wisconsin into the […]

Can We Stop Pretending Conservatives Are Stupid Yet?

I don’t want to say that some of my best friends are conservatives, but, really, some of my best friends are conservatives. I see no harm in admitting that; they’re all great people, they are all extremely sharp and thoughtful, they offer great political analysis, and they’re fascinating, delightful, wonderful friends. I’m honoured to number them among […]

Too Boring for an Electoral Vote?

My friend Everett Maroon is kicking off another round of Political InQueery at Bitch Magazine, and it’s got me thinking about the 2012 campaign even more than I already was. The story currently occupying my brainmeats this week is the coverage about how the Republican contenders are ‘too boring.’ Apparently elections are supposed to be […]