Cult of the Foetus

The so-called ‘pro-life’ movement puzzles me deeply, and not just in the sense that I am troubled by the attitudes which place the value of a foetus—viable or not—over that of the person who carries it. No, I mean in the sense of the deep hypocrisy which runs through the movement; even if you think […]

Striking Class Divisions in Unintended Pregnancies

Since 1994, the rate of unintended pregnancies in the US has remained fairly stagnant, hovering around 5%. The demographics that underlie that rate, however, are not stagnant; among low income people, there’s actually been an increase, weighted out by the decrease among wealthy patients. Such disparities in health outcomes for people in differing social classes […]

My My, How Perceptions Change: Disability and Who Is ‘Allowed’ To Have Children

I wrote recently about the substantial pressure I experience to have children. There’s something I left out of that post, though, and that’s what happens when disability gets added to the mix. There’s a reason for this: I felt that it deserved its own separate post. This is because decisions about having children are complicated […]