An Immigrant Endured a Forcible C-Section, and No One Seemed to Care

News broke in Ireland over the summer that an immigrant woman who had previously been denied an abortion was subjected to a forced Cesarean section at just 26 weeks after her pregnancy became unstable as a result of a hunger strike. The case, and the anonymous patient, have revived the fiery debate over abortion rights in Ireland, but it also […]

Are We Going to Return to the Days of the Jane Collective?

Prior to Roe v Wade, abortion was extremely difficult to access in the United States. Wealthy women relied on discreet doctors and their own social networks, while middle class and low-income women desperately sought referrals and often ended up in dangerous situations that ended in botched abortions with severe consequences including infertility and sometimes death. […]

My Body, My Choice

The reactions to my decision to get a tubal ligation at 27 have utterly fascinated me as a reminder of the immensely proprietary attitudes people seem to have about other people’s bodies. There’s a particular presumption of ownership over bodies assigned or read as female that really comes into play here; when you get sterilised, […]