Did you even TRY to research?

In pop culture, few things irk me more than poorly researched representation. Whether we’re talking about depictions of places from people who have clearly never been there and didn’t even pick up a map, or obviously troped and inaccurate depictions of other people’s lives, the first thing that comes to mind is: Did you even TRY […]

Why is Joss Whedon still treated like an authority on women in film and television?

Joss Whedon temporarily set the internet aflutter yet again this year with commentary on sexism in Hollywood, as though he’s the ultimate authority on such subjects. First he called the industry “intractibly sexist” and then he took back his words in another interview, claiming that the industry had improved since the original commentary. Fair enough […]

Why ‘Diversity’ Matters in Stock Photography

The term ‘diversity’ always troubles me. What people mean by it is that ‘minorities’ (those other people) should be, you know, included in things. As though it’s some kind of big favour — we’re acknowledging your non-Christianness at Christmas, so we’re so progressive. We’re including a Latino character in this television series even though he’s […]