Faith and Respect

I’ve noticed more and more lately that there’s a trend in a lot of liberal and social justice circles to make disdain for religion as clear as possible. I speak not of out atheists talking about their atheism and challenging assumptions about people who don’t follow a religious faith. I’m talking specifically about treating faith […]

Faith and Prejudice

I’ve expressed before that I have a deep discomfort with the obsession over faith (or lack thereof) in this country, and the way that God tends to be worked into a number of branches of government. So much for separation of church and state when every speech ends with ‘God bless you’ and every oath […]

Battlestar Galactica: Crusades in Space

Please assume that this post contains spoilers for all seasons of Battlestar Galactica and also for Caprica. One of the themes in Battlestar Galactica which I was really struggling with, as a viewer, was the God stuff. Because, boy howdy, there was a lot of God stuff. There was the faith followed by the majority […]