The Tough Love Model

Pop culture has many gems of wisdom to impart about parenting, how to be the best parent, and how to wow people with your parenting skills — really, it’s astounding that people can’t learn everything they need to know about parenting from television, books, and magazines. Of course, whether that’s good advice is a different […]

Social Justice and Joss Whedon: So Close, Yet So Far: Buffy/Spike

Content note: This post discusses BDSM and rape. One of the more complex, troublesome, and ultimately frustrating relationships on Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the Buffy/Spike relationship. Spike, originally introduced as a bit character, wormed his way into being a central character on the series, and with good reason. He’s complex, he’s dynamic, he’s interesting, […]

Building Family

Family relations are fraught for so many of us, and my views on family, obligation, and society seem to startle some people. They are too stark or cold or bleak or any number of dire adjectives, I am informed. Or I will change my mind later and be filled with regrets. It’s certainly true that […]