If NPR can respect pronouns, so can the rest of the media, and you

Alex Gino is a fat genderqueer glitter liberationist who attracted considerable media attention earlier this year with the release of their chapter book George, about a transgender fourth grader. The book joins the growing canon of books expanding trans representation in media and pop culture, but it also hits a critical age range, as children’s books with trans […]

Dealing with pronoun slips

I was hanging out with some friends recently playing games and eating food and generally enjoying life when I made a pronoun slip. Reflecting back, I’m not sure if I slurred her pronoun, or just unconsciously and reflexively used the wrong pronoun, or what happened, but I said ‘that’s not what he said,’ and as […]

I Am Tired of Hearing Programmers Defend Gender Essentialism

One of my ongoing and endless frustrations with web forms is the constant insistence on knowing my gender, particularly on social media. When I discuss this issue with socially progressive programmers, they grind their teeth in solidarity with me and express similar frustrations with the ubiquity of mandatory gender markers on web forms. But when […]