On Poverty and Decision Making

Low-income people are often criticised for making ‘poor decisions’ in the eyes of observers who think they have a better understanding of how poor people should live their lives, prioritise their spending, and live within their own communities. Yet, these criticisms are often made with a lack of understanding about how income levels influence decisionmaking, […]

Gather ’round the Broad Street Pump: Poverty and Public Policy

In 1854, cholera flashed across London in a vicious wave, following a series of outbreaks that had claimed lives, disrupted households, and shaken society. The germ theory of disease hadn’t been developed yet, and there was much speculation on how cholera was spreading. Much of that speculation involved now-laughably unscientific concepts like ‘miasmas’ as well […]

Medical Credit: Preying on the Vulnerable and Uninformed

The medical credit industry in the United States is booming, with a variety of programs offering financing for emergency, routine, and elective procedures. In some cases, clinics actively partner with these programs to offer in-house financing to patients, promising to take care of payment arrangements and administration as long as the patient signs along the […]