Big Organic, Bad Organic

Stacy Mitchell at Grist recently described the ultimate ‘Trojan carrot,’ discussing WalMart’s plans to move into organic packaged foods since it’s done so well with organic produce. She looked at the issue in the context of WalMart’s attempt to dominate a growing percentage of the food supply, pointing to the fact that the company’s share […]

Organic Pipe Dreams

Much debate over the value of the organic label has erupted this year, a heartening response to the rise of industrial organic. I’m glad to see consumers starting to question this as well as other labels; especially given that the organic label is one of the few food assurance labels subject to rigorous third party […]

‘Organic’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Fair to Workers’

Buyers of organic produce actively seek it out because they believe it will be more environmentally sound, sustainable, and nutritious[1. In some cases; some studies indicate that organic production methods can result in higher nutrition value, while others do not.]. Some may also be operating under the impression that labourers on organic farms receive fair […]