Hello, 2015

Let me tell you, I am pleased to see the back end of 2014. It might not have been as bad as some years (2010 and 2011, I am looking at you), but I can’t say it was a barrel of fun, either. The sentiment seems to be generally shared: 2014, we’re over you. We’re […]


‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’ — the opening of A Tale of Two Cities often gets cited, but few people go on to discuss the rest of the paragraph. (Oh, the days when one-sentence paragraphs that seemed to go on forever were allowed! I was born into the wrong epoch, […]

New Day, New Year

Here is what I think about 2011, after careful consideration of the good[1. Like joining the teams at Tiger Beatdown, Global Comment, and xoJane, and, uhm, well, something else good must have happened.] and bad things[2. Most of which don’t get discussed here, with a few notable exceptions.] that happened over the course of the […]