Raising minimum wage is actually totally capitalist

The escalating debate over minimum wage in this country is often framed in very simplistic liberal versus conservative terms, with the assumption that liberals support higher wages and conservatives do not. The truth, though, is a bit more complicated, for while many conservatives do resist a higher minimum wage, they¬†shouldn’t,¬†and not just because higher minimum […]

Is $15 enough?

The last few years have been witness to an explosion of grassroots labour organising focused on improving conditions for retail, fast food, and other service workers. This is a huge step in a country where workers in general have to fight for every inch of respect they receive, and where unions are struggling against the […]

Service Workers Deserve More

They’re all around you, often invisible. Not just the waiters and clerks and hotel desk workers, but the bussers and housekeepers, janitors and phone crews. They’re the people who make the world hum all around you, and they’re supposed to be as unobtrusive as possible while making your life as easy as possible. They are […]