The whirlpool of depression

Depression is a funny and inconsistent beast. It’s not like a skinned knee, which stings for a moment before flushing red, drops of blood appearing on the surface, following a predictable and neat pattern from beginning to end. You fall down, your knee hurts, you clean it, it scabs, eventually it heals over, first with […]

How Not to Respond to Depression

Being depressed is, to put it mildly, really not enjoyable. Depression takes many forms for many different people, and at various stages of depression — some people have highs and lows, some people have major depression, some people have functional days and others never do. Depression can involve a huge array of treatments including therapy, […]

Stop Implying That People Use Mental Illness as an Excuse for Violence

I’ve discussed the false claim that mental illness and violence are linked at length here — and I’ve also debunked the claim that mentally ill people ‘get off‘ when they’re convicted of crimes by reason of their mental illness. (Yes, because long-term institutionalisation, quite probably in a facility that doesn’t provide many options in terms […]

Hypochondria Is No Joke

‘I am, like, such a hypochondriac,’  she says. I stare back blankly, attempting to hone my fiery stare of death with a mixture of unimpressed eyebrow. Apparently it works, because we move on topics beyond her making fun of a serious mental health condition. I make a mental note to gracefully avoid social engagements with her in […]